Thursday, 5 November 2009

Imelda Matt + Jean Brown + Moi, Display Collabo

Its nice to see blogging, portraiture & retail all getting on so well together. In this case I was able to collaborate with Imelda shoe blogger Imelda Matt once again on a portrait project; this time for a window display in Brisbane's luxury emporium Jean Brown. The shot was done in one fairly quick afternoon session in the studio.

Jean Brown Imelda.Com Window Display Brisbane

More shots and background on the Imeldific! launch at

Matt Jordan, Imelda Matt, Studio Portrait in Mirror

Matt & Tan sistyers, shoe blogger with shoe designers.Matt and the Tan sisters from a previous 'shoe & portrait' project.

Matt with a pair of Dunlop Volleys around his neck

A big thanks to Matt and everyone at Jean Brown who worked so hard to make this wonderful project possible.

Jean Brown

More Portraits of Matt at Kent Johnson Photography.

Jean Brown display shot courtesy of