Thursday, 1 October 2020

An Urban Male Model Portfolio - Sydney

If you have been to my website you will certainly know I love shooting fashion in the urban landscape, day, and sometimes night - even I have recently been noticing a darker edge to some of my shots lately.. There's look books, campaign and editorial shoots. And once in a while I'm asked to shot a modelling portfolio in a similar way. I am OK with that by the way; because I love the possibilities of these locations. There is just one caveat; I think this style is more suited to your second or third photoshoot. After you have covered the basics (which are not basic but I think are essential shots to have). Enough of the preamble. Jimmy and I met at Circular Quay on a perfect Saturday afternoon. Even though I'm very familiar with the areas I wanted to shoot I'd come down a couple of days earlier to check the light, and think about the locations as a backdrop to the portfolio shoot. This  always pays dividends if one has time to do the technical scout. We did a couple of looks down near Customs House, then went up to the walkway next to the Cahill Expressway and worked our way to the start of the Harbour Bridge; a fav Icon of mine, especially the Stairs at Observatory Hill! while we we shooting to an editorial style I was mindful that as a portfolio shoot - we had to see Jimmy. These pictures are his first photoshoot and are his showcase, pictures to send to model agencies; and for IG, anywhere he want s to show them. This was my 'Makin' It Happen - Location Modelling Portfolio' and you can check out the details here.

 Here's the shots. Thanks Jimmy for a great shoot.

Full length, pants jumper, no shirt - Urban male modelling portfolio photoshoot Sydney

Mid shot portrait in jean jacket - Urban male modelling portfolio photoshoot Sydney

By the highway, shirt off, full length body shot - Urban male modelling portfolio photoshoot Sydney

Seated mid shot in black and white - Urban male modelling portfolio photoshoot Sydney

Flying jacket, fashion 3/4 - Urban male modelling portfolio photoshoot Sydney

Moody action shot by the freeway, Sydney Harbour Bridge - rban male modelling portfolio photoshoot Sydney

Studio Modelling Portfolio

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