Saturday, 24 October 2009

Fashion Photography Sydney

Fashion Photography Sydney; or anywhere else you may have in mind.

My new web site is now up on-line. Its a complete redesign with horizontal scrolling pages that finally allows me to show the work the way it was shot-to-be-seen. I am quite excited by the result and some of the stories (the individual stories are now viewable on single pages) that perhaps left some scratching their heads thinking "what the...?" now make visual sense in the way they were intended to.

Fashion Photography Sydney, Bring Back SexyFashion Photography Sydney.

Fashion Photography Sydney, Studio Fashion, Location, Editorial, Commercial, Look BooksFashion Photography.

Beauty and Fashion Photography Sydney. RED, Studio Beauty PhotographyBeauty and Fashion, Beauty  Photography Gallery.

Personal work, Night Fashion, Personal Projects, Tests, Black & White, NgocNew Personal Work Gallery.

Portrait Photography SNO, Editorial, Artisits, PeoplePortrait Photography Gallery.

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  1. not sure that I am a fan of horizontal scrolling. I have a little wheel on my mouse, but it only works vertically...

  2. You can use your arrow keys Brian. Its faster!