Saturday, 29 May 2010

Against The Sky

Its not that I have stopped shooting fashion! I just like to try out ideas when they hit me. This is taken in my back garden this morning & I suspect very soon we will be seeing some sort of fashion shots and portraits based on this technique. Perhaps even the night shoot we blogged about last time. I hope you like the soft dreamy feeling of 'Against The Sky'.

A soft focus grainy photograph of plants taken against the sky.

Kent Johnson Photography

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Fashion Editorial Without Any Fashion..

So that means I need some help. Because lets face it, you can't really have a fashion editorial or even a fashion test for that matter without having some fashion. This series stems from a few inspirations but it really all fell (mostly) into place when I saw Manning Cartell's Summer 2010/11 range while perusing the RAFW shows online about 10 days ago.

Suddeny I saw fashion that I knew I could work into the Marrickville Urban Landscape and do it right at night. Really I think the only time it can work is at night. But it wasn't just the MC range, a few days earlier I had been talking with my friend and mentor Brett Hilder and had been thinking about Brett's love of Tina Mondotti, Mexico and his own take on all that is beautiful.

Night Crossing, A Fashion Editorial Without Any Fashion.

The Gateway, A Fashion Editorial Without Any Fashion.

The Appartment, A Fashion Editorial Without Any Fashion.

Outside the Club, A Fashion Editorial Without Any Fashion.

Shelter from the Storm, A Fashion Editorial Without Any Fashion.

The Shadow and The Wall, A Fashion Editorial Without Any Fashion.

I think the moody light and Hacienda, Art Deco, Breeze Block and re-made Federation architectural mash-up lends itself to a kind of David Lynch, Mullholland Drive mystery narrative. Film Noir, Hollywood glamour and the ingénue!

So to pull it all off I need some help. I need a stylist who can help pull it all together on the fashion front. Or some designers who have the garments that fit the bill. Or both. I think its a great project so rather than put it in a draw and wait... I am putting it out on the net, seeing what the great god Google can rustle up for me. So lets add some keywords. Fashion Stylist, Sydney, Editorial. Fashion Photography; and see if that helps. If you like the look of the shoot, please email me or give me a call. Lets do it.