Monday, 18 July 2011

Gillian Cooper, Model Portfolio Update..

We had been talking off-&-on about shooting together but it had never happened until now. Gillian needed something a bit different from her swimwear & fitness modelling shots to expand her portfolio; its great to be asked by an experienced and sought-after model to update her book.

We went with some 'Vintage Fashion' inspired pieces from, vests and skirts from Holly Chalmers; I have always thought of Gillian as a classic Edwardian beauty. To complete the update I shot in a very contemporary style for the first two shots below; a full length and new headshot.

Gillian Cooper, Fashion Modelling Portfolio, Contemporary Style

Gillian Cooper, Fashion Modelling Portfolio B&W Contemporary Style Headshot

Gillian Cooper, Fashion Modelling Portfolio, Holly Chalmers Vest & Skirt

Gillian Cooper, Fashion Modelling Portfolio, Vintage Fashion, Holly Chalmers Vest

Gillian Cooper, Fashion Modelling Portfolio, B&W headshot Vintage Fashion Style

You can see more of Gillian's portfolio Here & Here.

And of course if you are looking to shoot your first or update your current modelling portfolio; you can book me on 0433 796 863.

Kent Johnson, Sydney 2011.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Modelling Portfolio - Studio as Location

All these shots are from a one afternoon modelling portfolio shoot. And while there were plenty more that we could have chosen instead, this is pretty much my edit from the shoot. For those who may be interested, here are a few facts about our shoot...

Firstly it was our models first ever photo shoot; we took our time, helped with posing and direction and through great teamwork made all these shots and more, and had a lot of fun.

We had a great professional Hair and Make-Up artist on our shoot to make sure or model looked her best with each outfit change and during each shot. We create magazine style shoots because we come from High Fashion Editorial.

Our model brought more than 5 outfits for out standard 3 look shoot which was a good thing! We picked out the best outfits for a modelling portfolio shoot & still used some pieces I had brought in for the shoot, just-in-case. Styling for fashion & modelling portfolios is very very important, my team and I understand this very well. In the end we did 4 looks + a couple of variations; we always make sure we get the shots!

Modelling Portfolio Shoot - Headshot

Modelling Portfolio Shoot - Studio as Location, in Directors chair

Modelling Portfolio Shoot - Black and White

Bikini Modelling Portfolio Shoot - Studio Swimwear shoot, mid shot

Modelling Portfolio Shoot - Beauty Shot, Head shot

Modelling Portfolio Shoot - Studio Gothic

Modelling Portfolio Shoot, Mid shot - Studio as Location

Modelling Portfolio Shoot Swimwear Shot

H&MU by Emily Hayward
Photography and Styling, Kent Johnson

We had a great afternoon and plenty of fun on our shoot & you will too. If you have been wondering if you can do a shoot and look this good too? Don't wonder, give me a call and book your shoot now!

Kent Johnson 0433 796 863
Sydney Australia.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Studio Swimwear; When Wrong goes Oh So Right!

No I am not talking about a shoot that went wrong, I will be posting shots from this shoot which went 'very right' pretty soon. And; I am not even talking about one of my college lecturers who thought my 'Midnight Cabaret' portraits looked like shots where the flash did not go off. Well I thought they looked great & still do! My part in the story about Brisbane's Midnight Cabaret can be read here..

All this back-in-the-day reminiscing has been set off by the shot below which; as fate aka overshooting-the-pack would have it, is a shot where the flash did NOT go off!

Swimwear photography in the studio, Sydney Australia.

But what is interesting is that what would have been a completely unusable frame if we were shooting film, can, as it were be salvaged from the RAW file... Some might argue the shot is still completely unusable! Well good luck to you. I am yet to be game enough to try and produce a complete shoot in this style however I do think I should put some time into developing a reliable method for producing this look. I am pretty sure we could do it by shooting '80's style' with hot lights. Still I have been working on fusing old working styles with new and did so on the Rapture in Sydenham, fashion story-using old Nikkor lenses with digital cameras for a more arty look. More shots from the modelling portfolio shoot above to follow soon.