Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Studio Swimwear; When Wrong goes Oh So Right!

No I am not talking about a shoot that went wrong, I will be posting shots from this shoot which went 'very right' pretty soon. And; I am not even talking about one of my college lecturers who thought my 'Midnight Cabaret' portraits looked like shots where the flash did not go off. Well I thought they looked great & still do! My part in the story about Brisbane's Midnight Cabaret can be read here..

All this back-in-the-day reminiscing has been set off by the shot below which; as fate aka overshooting-the-pack would have it, is a shot where the flash did NOT go off!

Swimwear photography in the studio, Sydney Australia.

But what is interesting is that what would have been a completely unusable frame if we were shooting film, can, as it were be salvaged from the RAW file... Some might argue the shot is still completely unusable! Well good luck to you. I am yet to be game enough to try and produce a complete shoot in this style however I do think I should put some time into developing a reliable method for producing this look. I am pretty sure we could do it by shooting '80's style' with hot lights. Still I have been working on fusing old working styles with new and did so on the Rapture in Sydenham, fashion story-using old Nikkor lenses with digital cameras for a more arty look. More shots from the modelling portfolio shoot above to follow soon.

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