Friday, 22 August 2014

Shooting Fashion on Location - One Wall, Many Great Results.

It's kind of funny how we continue to work photographing on a white background in the studio again and again; making fresh pictures every time; no problem there. But when a photographer thinks about photographing the same location again.. and I do mean the exact same location again, Oh No! You just don't want to go there you just don't want to do it. Been there, done that! At least that used to be my feeling about shooting the same location more than once but now my feelings have changed.

So how did I change my feelings and what changed my mind? Well finally I re-shot the same location on different commissions as it was perfect for each job. And now I know that revisiting a location is really the same as revisiting any background that I use to create pictures. It's OK because it's not just the background that makes the shot, it is everything that goes into it (although I knew that already). The garments, the models, the hair and make-up, the attitude, they all help to define the original nature of a fashion shoot, modelling portfolio or portrait, in the studio or on location.
Old door in wall, The Rocks Sydney - Photographed by Kent Johnson.
The first time I photographed this location in Sydney's The Rocks was some years ago to produce campaign shots for a hot young label called Lulu in Chains. I had recommended the client scout for a 'wall' down in The Rocks for our shoot that appealed to their taste and the label. As soon as they told me, I knew the location, it's a popular photographers wall to say the least and for good reason, photographed well it looks great, it was just that until then I had never photographed it before.
Location fashion shoot against an old wall in The Rocks Sydney for Lulu in Chains by Sydney Photographer Kent Johnson.
My second time photographing this wall was with Kyrien for his Sydney portfolio shoot just a few months ago. Kyrien had seen the Lulu shots in my portfolio and loved the location, which happily was close to other landmark Sydney spots I wanted to use for his photo shoot too. Then when my client Baraka decided they would like a change from white background in the studio to location; outdoors but not completely outdoors, still with a neutral and versatile look.. I showed them the Lulu shoot and the recent shots with Kyrien. And that as they say was that! My third shoot against the same wall was on.
Kyrien in a Tuxedo photographed against a weathered old wall in Sydney. Male modelling portfolio photographed by Kent Johnson.
Check woollen fashion dress by Baraka photographed on location in Sydney Australia by Kent Johnson.
Womens fashion campaign photo shoot in The Rocks Sydney against a backdrop of an old wall.

Kyrien sitting in a Tuxedo photographed against a weathered old wall in Sydney. Male modelling portfolio photographed by Kent Johnson.

Detail of dress and jacket photographed against an old textured wall on location in Sydney Australia.

Black and white fashion photograph, high fashion on location, old door, stairs and wall, model wearing a top hat. Photographed by Kent Johnson.

I love this wall in The Rocks and its not the only location like it that I love but it is the first one that I have ever photographed repeatedly. Curiously every time I pass by this wall I am amazed that it is as small as it is, that's right it's really quite small and it seems like we have produced a little miracle fitting these tall models into the space. And although on the page together you can see it is the same location, viewed as separate campaigns they represent beautifully different looks and feels, after all that's what great photography is all about and I love it.

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