Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Maddy's fab modelling portfolio - with lots of shots!

All these shots are from just one portfolio shoot with Maddy. The package was the 'Here I Come – Pro Modelling Package'  which includes shooting 5 looks, 7 finals and a comp card. But as you can see we came up with a lot more shots than that! Yes it can be hard to choose when you have such a good range and quality of shoots but that's a great position to be in! Better too many of those killer shots than too few. And here they are, a mix of Maddy's selections and my own. Maddy soft teen style look for her Modelling Portfolio Shoot Smiling headshot, at the make-up table, Modelling Portfolio Shoot Mid shot white blouse and pink pants, Modelling Portfolio Shoot Outdoor on Ivy Wall, 3/4 shoot, Modelling Portfolio Shoot Maddy model comp card, shots from one portfolio shoot. Black Jeans and Top seated, B&W Style shot for Modelling Portfolio Shoot Studio as location B&W Modelling Portfolio Shoot Studio B&W on White background Modelling Portfolio Shoot Sportswear and Casual shot, Modelling Portfolio Shoot Sophisticated headshot, studio as location, Modelling Portfolio Shoot Double shot in B&W and Colour, Modelling Portfolio Shoot Fierce sexy headshot, Modelling Portfolio Shoot
Along with Hair and Make-Up artist Kaori we were able to put together a range of looks and styles for the comp card that feel like they were made on different shoots when in fact they were all made in the space of about four hours. Maddy has worked for years as a child and then young teen model; we wanted to keep the smiling happy Maddy but also to create a new older and sexier Maddison too! Yes we were all a bit tired by the end, its quite demanding work; but we were all very pleased with the results as you can see.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

New Designer - Studio Fashion Shoot.

Three dresses from my 'New Designer' shoot for Melissa Carmichael.

White Feather Skirted Evening Dress Tulle skirt Wedding Dress Tulle skirt Portrait in Wedding Dress with beaded waistband by Melissa Carmichael White long shift day dress by Melissa Carmichael White Feather Skirted Evening Dress Melissa Carmichael, White Feather Skirted Evening Dress Headshot
Hair & MU by Kaori
Design + Styling, Melissa Carmichael
Model, Marta M, Chadwick Syd/Melb