Saturday, 24 October 2009

Fashion Photography Sydney

Fashion Photography Sydney; or anywhere else you may have in mind.

My new web site is now up on-line. Its a complete redesign with horizontal scrolling pages that finally allows me to show the work the way it was shot-to-be-seen. I am quite excited by the result and some of the stories (the individual stories are now viewable on single pages) that perhaps left some scratching their heads thinking "what the...?" now make visual sense in the way they were intended to.

Fashion Photography Sydney, Bring Back SexyFashion Photography Sydney.

Fashion Photography Sydney, Studio Fashion, Location, Editorial, Commercial, Look BooksFashion Photography.

Beauty and Fashion Photography Sydney. RED, Studio Beauty PhotographyBeauty and Fashion, Beauty  Photography Gallery.

Personal work, Night Fashion, Personal Projects, Tests, Black & White, NgocNew Personal Work Gallery.

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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mirrors Art Collaboration with Elodie Silberstein

I had the great pleasure a few weeks ago of working on a collaboration with Elodie Silberstein and Rhiannon Bulley for the 'Mirrors' show opening next week at Morie Gallery.

Mirrors Image with Elodie Silberstein and Rhiannon Bulley

Concept and Direction was provided by Elodie whom I have known through art circles for a while now & who I also had the pleasure of doing a portrait shoot with back in April of this year.

The shoot took place in Glebe. Elodie came in with her art notes, outfit and of course Rhiannon who modelled as a kind of Japanese Ningyo Doll. It was a great learning experience for me working alongside Elodie and being part of her process for bringing about the final image she was visualising with Rhiannon. It was a bit like a Master Class in Art & Process!

Of course Elodie's final work is much much more than one shot and is part of the Mirrors Art Exhibition curated by Rhiannon; an awareness and fund raising show for The Butterfly Foundation. Its well worth coming along to the opening night if you can make it as there is also a performance aspect to Elodie's work that will only take place on the opening night.

Mirrors Art Exhibition, Mirrors opens next Wednesday, October 14 at 6pm at Mori Gallery 168 Day St Darling Harbour.

For more information about Mirrors click here.

You can keep up to date with Elodie's work here.

And you can read the City Hub article about Mirrors here

See you at the show.