Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My Equipment and a Photography Portfolio for Shotkit!

A few week back, no a few months back.. Mark from Shotkit approached me to see if I would like to be part of his website that highlights photographers work; and the photography equipment, the 'shotkit' they use to produce their photographs. Now while I have largely shied away from all sorts of gear-porn, I do love the shotkit website and what Mark has done with it. And having subscribed I was enjoying seeing the photography and the kits of photographers from all around the world. So in a nutshell I said yes to the request to take part, did the kit shots; AND a pretty fabulous story about the kit(s) I use; my writing really is improving all the time, even if I do say so myself! I also put to together a  much larger selection of pictures for Shotkit than they were ever going to be able to run, but hey you gotta give it a go.. The post went live a few weeks back; so now I can reveal the complete series of shots I put together for the first time. SO if you want to READ all about it; you need to click this link to check out the story of my equipment too. Go on, I know you want to; and it's well worth subscribing while you are there.
Flatlay photo of my Nikon kit for commercial/fashion/portrait - ShotKit
So here's the selection which includes my Street Fashion Sydney -personal work - photo kit and shots as well. It was a great exersize putting the shots together and the story behind the equipment, I highly recommend it; and as an added bonus I have a succinct portfolio of my work for showing on my tablet at last! Thanks Mark, thanks Shotkit, it's been a lot of fun.
 Flatlay shot - Street Fashion Sydney - Fujifilm X-Pro1 photography kit.
 Street Fashion Sydney - Fujifilm X-Pro1 photography kit.

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