Tuesday, 29 June 2010

50s Vintage Fashion - Made New

I think we came up with a lovely vintage L.A. feeling as a branding exercise for this vintage-style fashion label. Choice of talent for the shoot; location and post processing of the images have all been designed to help create a true-to-life vintage 40s 50s feel. Something along the lines of what you might expect to see in a vintage magazine or perhaps, cherished family snap shots taken back in the day.

Blue and White Dress, Vintage Fashion Photography

Silk Floral Print Dress, Vintage Fashion Photography

Black and White Photography, Vintage Fashion Photography

Green Dress, Shoestring straps, Vintage Fashion Photography

Blue dress, white polka dots, Vintage Fashion Photography

Green Silk Monroe Dress, Vintage Fashion Photography

Vintage Fashion made new, Sydney.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Modelling Portfolio - Model Looks

Three looks with variations for a fashion modelling portfolio.

Model Portfolio Headshot

Model Portfolio, Swimsuit Shot

Modelling Portfolio, Mid to long shot in the window

Rock Chick Look, Modelling Portfolio

Swimsuit arty look, Modelling Portfolio

Modelling Portfolio, Jacket Bra and Jeans

Shot at The Photo Studio, Sydney.
Hair and Make Up by Kaori.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Corporate Fashion - Studio White Background

For Look-Books or Catalogues, on-line or in print its hard to go past the versatility of white background studio photography. With the growth of web fashion sales sites, white background photography seems to be growing in popularity offering seamless integration and blending into most shopping pages.

And of course when selling on-line it really is the picture that makes the sale, you don't want the quality of the photography to let you down. Show them what you've got. As the saying goes, a "picture paints a thousand words", make sure those "thousand words" say the right things about you.

Corporate Fashion, Office Attire, Suits - Studio White Background

Corporate Fashion, Jackets - Studio White Background

Corporate Fashion, Blouses - Studio White Background

Corporate Fashion, Slacks- Studio White Background

Corporate Fashion, Suits and Jackets - Studio White Background

Friday, 4 June 2010

Black and White - Fashion on Location

I keep seeing these black and white duo-tone location shots popping up on my screen saver and every time they do I think "Wow I really like these shots, I should do something with them". They are of course from the December 2009 'Alice's Dreamtime' story that I posted here back in March. These are some of the out-takes; or if you prefer, some shots from an alternative edit (which sounds a little better I think).

I love the moodiness of these scenes, the filmic quality and the different post work/Duo-toned finish to the images. These versions were worked up while we deciding the final direction for the post which was eventually a hand coloured black and white look. I hope you enjoy this edit as much as I do whenever I spot it scrolling across my screen.

Black and White fashion Photography, Headshot, Alice's Dreamtime

Black and White Fashion Photography, Mystery shot, Alice's Dreamtime

Black and White Fashion Photography, Mystery shot version 2, Alice's Dreamtime

Black and White Fashion Photography, Under the Tree, Alice's Dreamtime

Black and White Fashion Photography, Sitting on the rock, Alice's Dreamtime

Black and White Fashion Photography, Behind the tree, Alice's Dreamtime

Fashion Stylist, Rhiannon Bulley
H&MU, Kaori
Model, Melise @ Chic
Photography, Kent Johnson
Assistants, Harry Perlich, Guy Woolrych

Full styling details are on the original post here.