Tuesday, 27 December 2011

If you have ever wondered how advertising works...

This fun little video just might help !~) Thanks to A Photo Editor for finding it.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Yianni Zinonos - New PR Portrait Series for 2012

This is the second time I have produced a series of PR portraits for Yianni who is perhaps best know for his popular TVS show Yianni's City Life. As with all my shoots we took as much time as we needed to make the pictures we wanted; the pictures that said what we wanted to say. In this case Yianni wanted shots that positioned him more as a presenter than the presenter of a cooking and lifestyle show as had been the case in previous portrait shoots. Yianni Zinonos, TVS Presenter, White background with mic, PR portrait TVS Presenter Yianni Zinonos, Midshot, PR portrait TVS Presenter Yianni Zinonos, Full length Studio shot, PR portrait Yianni Zinonos, headshot, PR portrait Yianni Zinonos, TVS Presenter Yianni Studio with lights and mic, PR portrait Shots from our last portrait shoot were very popular with both print and web media being published many times over; Yianni and I are looking forward to the same level of success with these portrait images.

Kent Johnson Photography 0433 796 863
Sydney Australia.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Catherine Calvert Studio Shoot - Shot 5 - Movement

It's not what you always go for; but sometimes a variety of shots of the same outfit does work as a series - strengthening the concept of the shot as opposed to diluting it. I think the way these super flared pants work like a longish skirt or pair of culottes, the details of the blouse and jacket - the variety reveals more of these details & our model Jazz is easily up to the task of the movement and excitement helping to bring the outfit to life.

Catherine Calvert Studio Shoot Model, Jazz Brell GreenCaloutsV3a_339

Catherine Calvert Studio Fashion Shoot with Movement, shots 5 and 6 -GreenCaloutsV3b_339

Catherine Calvert Studio Fashion Shoot with Movement, shots 5 and 6  Model, Jazz Brell -GreenCaloutsV3c_339

Catherine Calvert Studio Shoot; Shot 5 Opening shot Model, Jazz Brell V3_Adj_3895_339

And a reverse view on-white...

Catherine Calvert Studio Shoot, Model, Jazz Brell -GreenCaloutsWhiteVLow1a_339

Model, Jazz Brell
Hair & Make-Up, Kaori
View the complete shoot here.

Studio Fashion Photography by Kent Johnson

Thursday, 8 December 2011

CHANEL Paris-Bombay 2011-12 - Video & Stills - Stills for the details!

This morning when I jumped on Facebook I saw one of my 'friends' had posted a link to the Karl Lagerfeld interview about the 2011-12 Paris-Bombay collection. I love hearing Karl speak as he is so intelligent clear and concise about what maters, what inspires. But of course after listening to the brief interview (posted below) I wanted to see the collection. First stop was the easily accessible video footage that came up at the end of the video. I jumped right in and started watching it but. It had not gotten very far before I started to be annoyed that the pictures were often soft, full length had poor detail, the camera was jumping here-and-there trying to get it all in. I could see it was a fashion show but the video wasn't really nailing the fashion; I really wanted to see that fashion, feel the fashion!

So I had a hunt around for still photographs that I knew must be online somewhere and found them on YAHOO News. What a difference! The colour balance was correct for a start no-sepia-tint... I could see the quality and nature of the textures and fabrics; what the models looked like; the colours of the garments and individual pieces especially the accessories which Karl discusses in the interview.

I know some of you will prefer the video and it is certainly complimentary to the stills. But it gives me reason to wonder again at the all consuming desire to video everything! (At least we are spared a steady cam operator running up and down the runway as there was at the event I attended on Monday evening, he certainly got more exposure on the catwalk than anyone else)!

Leave a comment if you like; I am curious and perplexed about the whole video thing (though not when done well). And enjoy the Paris Bombay show.

View some of the show Here as Stills

And this is really where I came in this morning; listening to Karl discuss the concept of the Paris-Bombay Collection.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Judging Miss Universe & Cosmopolitan Model Comp Too!

Well actually first off was the Cosmopolitan Model Search and that was followed by the Preliminary round of Miss Universe Australia 2012. This was the first time I had been asked to be part of a panel of judges and I must say the responsibility in decision making is quite palpable. You really would like all the contestants to win but sadly it cannot be!

That said, we were judging the preliminary rounds so there were plenty of winners going onto the next stage which was very nice indeed. And since I was judging not photographing (though I did manage some shots with the trusty G10) my friend and fellow photographer Soyoun came along and documented the day for me.

The fellow Judges were, pageant expert Peter Sereno, me - Fashion Photographer Kent Johnson, Natasa Colo Fashion Stylist, Rebecca Lau online fashion retailer, and couture designer Sylvia Lee all of us pictured below. It was a great day and one could feel the excitement and tension from the contestants as they moved through the various rounds. Perhaps the most interesting 'find' of the day was one contestant I christened "New Jen", the resemblance was quite striking! And it all took place in the rather lovely coloured-glass-domed staging area of the St Ives Shopping Village.

Cosmopolitan Model SearchCosmopolitan Model Search St Ives Sydney, all the contestants

Cosmopolitan Model Search St Ives Sydney, models on the catwalk

Cosmopolitan Model Search St Ives Sydney, Round Two Finalists

Finalists Cosmopolitan Model Search

Cosmopolitan Model Search St Ives Sydney, one last shot of everyone.

Judges Cosmopolitan Model Search, pageant expert Peter Sereno, Fashion Photographer Kent Johnson, Natasa Colo Fashion Stylist and Rebecca Lau online fashion retailer

Miss Universe Australia 2012 Beauty Pageant - Preliminary StageCompetitors in Miss Universe Australia 2012 Beauty Pageant - Preliminary Stage

Miss Universe Australia 2012 Beauty Pageant  Bikini K_600BikiniBeauty26

Miss Universe Australia 2012 Beauty Pageant, is this the New Jenifer Hawkins? H_600stIvesBeauty34

Miss Universe Australia 2012 Beauty Pageant Exotic Beauty I_600stIvesBeauty37

Miss Universe Australia 2012 Beauty Pageant - Ball Gowns Blond Contestant  M_600MissUsBeauty31

Miss Universe Australia 2012 Beauty Pageant,

Competitors in Miss Universe Australia 2012 Beauty Pageant - Five Finalists from the Preliminary Stage

Judges Miss Universe Australia 2012 preliminary stage, pageant expert Peter Sereno, Fashion Photographer Kent Johnson, Natasa Colo Fashion Stylist and Rebecca Lau online fashion retailer, couture designer Sylvia Lee

Contestants, if you are ever competing in an event like this, do come up and say hello after the event. I met a few of you and some family too but it would have been great to meet more of you.

If you have been competing and are thinking of moving forward by shooting a Modelling Portfolio, this is one of my specialties so please feel free to contact me anytime. www.kentjohnsonphotography.com.au



Sunday, 4 September 2011

PR & Commercial Portraits - Let The Love Flow & Show

How long will your PR or commercial portrait last? Well that's a pretty good question that depends on a number of different things to answer. If you are in the public spotlight and your work is receiving a lot of media attention you will possibly want to create a new shot every six to twelve months. Portraits for the Annual Report or the commercial website should be updated once a year but we know some are changed every couple of years! Of course it will also depend on how much YOU have changed and the circumstances around you.

Most of my PR portrait shoots see me working on something like three looks; if you combine the variation I always have from each look that provides a reasonably large 'handful', great variety images to use over 12 to 24 months.

Dr Dee PR & Commercial Portrait

Dr Dee PR & Commercial Portraits

Dr Dee PR & Commercial Portraits

Dr Dee PR & Commercial Portraits

Dr Dee PR Portrait, Happy!

Dr Dee PR & Commercial Portraits

Rebecca McGeoch, PR Portrait for RM Cashmere, Headshot

Facebook screenshot, Rebecca McGeoch, PR Portrait for RM Cashmere

Facebook screenshot, Rebecca McGeoch, PR Portrait for RM Cashmere

Facebook screenshot, Rebecca McGeoch, Public Relations commercial Portrait for RM Cashmere

Share the love on your facebook marketing page too, the more you have the more you can share.

Call Kent on 0433 796 863 to book you PR or Commercial Portrait session. Kent can also create bespoke coporate sttings to visually reflect your companies culture.

Sydney 2011.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

John Firth-Smith, Artist's Studio Portrait

I have been working on getting a portrait of John for a number of years now. So I was, to say the least, very happy when he commissioned me to shoot the catalogue portrait for his September 2011 show at John Buckley Gallery in Richmond. John had been kind enough to drop into my Artists Portraits show 'SNAP' at SNO in May 2010 and, I think that helped quite a lot in securing the commission as John mentioned to me on a number of occasions how much he enjoyed the show. He certainly understood that 'SNAP' was about the artist in their space at that tricky moment in time, The Opening!

John Firth-Smith, Studio PortraitClick the picture to view larger.

Studio of John Firth-Smith; Brushes, Paint tubes and artworks against the wall

The portrait has been used just inside the back cover as seen below. John also had me photograph a couple of the paintings he had changed a little between the official photography of the paintings and the catalogue deadline. While its had been a while since I have done art copy work those shots went according to plan and into the catalogue as well.

Catalogue shot, John Firth-Smith, 2011 Show at John Buckley Gallery Richmond Victoria.



September - 1 October 2011

John Buckley Gallery

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Price of a Photographer's Dreams, by safteyhammer

I stumbled on this video via aphotoeditor a couple of days ago, and other than pretty much recognising that park over in Randwick... I was very much struck by Doug Bayne's aka safteyhammer's argument against; or was it a warning about; the impossibility of instant excellence as a film maker simply by buying a DSLR camera!

An open letter to Canon from safetyhammer on Vimeo.

For those of you who may not have the time to watch I made some screenshots of Doug's graphics illustrating his experience, captioned my Moi!

safetyhammer, an open letter to canon screenshotGo On, buy one its cheap, the world will be your Oyster..

safetyhammer, an open letter to canon screenshotUm, more to this than I thought..

safetyhammer, an open letter to canon screenshotMaybe I need more than a camera, like a budget!

safetyhammer, an open letter to canon screenshot"And I need to come up with some good ideas"

"IDEAS! that's not in the box"

safetyhammer, an open letter to canon screenshotThat second largest quadrant, its NOT professional cinematographers by the way, just sayin'

safetyhammer, an open letter to canon screenshot

And this is who & what it was all about!

Mind you this is just what happened to film photographers with the release of affordable digital cameras, people started believing it was just a matter buying the camera and picture excellence would be theirs. Instant Fashion Photographers anyone? Sadly or perhaps not surprisingly it isn't so, Ideas and Experience don't come in the box with the camera. My thanks to Doug Bayne for pointing this out in such an amusing and concise manner.

Bloody well done!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Modelling Portfolio Packages, Our New Releases!

You asked for them and now I have delivered; three new Modelling Portfolio Packages, one one of them perfect for YOU!

You Know I’m Hot
-Lets Get Started -

Look Out World
- Here I Come-

Stand Aside – Make Way
-This Is Serious-

Three all new packages, read about how you can have shots like the ones shown here and on my web-site in your portfolio by clicking HERE! No matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be in front of the camera, by taking advantage of my experience and one of these packages, shots like these can be yours.

Modelling Portfolio Packages, smaple pictures two headshots

Lingerie and Male Modelling shots for Model portfolio packages Sydney Australia

Swimwear full length in the studio with dark background stylish mid shot. Modelling Portfolio package shots.

Modelling Portfolio package shots, male mid shot, female mid shot

Modelling Portfolio Packages from Kent Johnson Photography, sample imageKent Johnson, 0433 796 863.