Monday, 27 December 2010

My Biggest Project in 2010 - SNO Artists Portrait Exhibition.

Was I think without a doubt my Solo Show SNAP at SNO in May this year. In a nutshell (my artist statement is below) SNAP was 40 large format Photographic Portraits of local and international artists taken at their openings over the previous four or so years. All the images were reprocessed from the original files for the show to make sure of the consistency of the prints which were done by the wonderful people at Photoking in Randwick.

The show (the first solo at SNO & show of objective work) was also aligned with the Head On Photo Festival and was very well attended. Thanks to everyone at SNO for their assistance with the exhibition & Billy Gruner for the title, Head On; and my parents for their much appreciated support. And of course thanks to everyone who made the trek to SNO for the exhibition, it would not have been such a wonderful time without everyone coming along.

I am not sure as to why it took me so long to blog about the show other than it has been a wonderfully busy year for my photography! I have put up a few shots from the show, the opening and some instillation shots below, all the Portraits from the exhibition can be seen HERE on Flickr.

Sophia Egarchos

Billy Gruner

Lars Breuer SNO Portrait Artists
Lars Breuer

John Adair SNO Portrait Artists
John Adair

P.J. Hickman SNO Portrait Artists
P.J. Hickman





Continuing the Artist portraits up to 2015 Here!


Artist Statement

Every artist regardless of their experience has a sense of anticipation surrounding the opening of their exhibition. SNAP the portrait exhibition of artists taken at their openings at SNO reflects this instant, that moment when the artist is with their art, themselves and a photographer looking at both. The portraits which are 'set up' during the openings are typically made in about 60 seconds.

My the earliest shot in the show is the silhouette series of Ruark Lewis in conversation taken at the closing show for the space SNO occupied immediately before moving to the Marrickville Road space in February 2006. The first portraits at the new gallery space at 175 Marrickville Rd were of Jan van der Ploeg and Helen Smith SNO 15, April 1 2006 with the collaborative work 'Magic Black, Baby Blue, Baby Doll 2006'.

Over the past four plus years Kent has managed to photograph more than 40 Artists at their SNO openings. SNAP showcases the best-of-the best of the SNO Portraits.

From THE SNO website
Kent Johnson


An exhibition of artist portraits taken at SNO openings since 2005. SNAP is a combined project with SNO and Australian Centre for Photography's Head On Photo Festival at galleries in and around Sydney.

Head On

Friday, 17 December 2010

Lawless, Unauthorised - Love & Luck Photographers Edit.

I have to say I went a little (just a little) crazy on the Love & Luck shoot, particularly during the studio session. Although we were lighting the shoot with strobe it was impossible to ignore just how cool the daylight was that was falling all soft and diffused on the set. These are a few of the shots I cranked off with flash turned off! I did take the time to do a custom white balance, these pictures were all shot (the daylight shots) quite quickly.

Michelle, Fashion Photography Sydney, Lawless, Unauthorised Love & Luck  Photographers Edit.

Fashion Photography Sydney, Lawless, Black & White & Colour Daylight Shots. Unauthorised Love & Luck  Photographers Edit.

Fashion Photography Sydney, Lawless, Black & White & Colour Daylight Shot 2. Unauthorised Love & Luck  Photographers Edit.

Fashion Photography Sydney, Lawless, Black & White & Colour Daylight Shot 3. Unauthorised Love & Luck  Photographers Edit.

Rochelle Fox
Michelle McNamee

Emily Hayward

Harry Perlich

View the whole fashion branding shoot here.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Love & Luck - Behind the Scenes...

OMG! Well you know the world as you know it has changed forever when just a couple of weeks after your first BTS video appears, (and you didn't notice they were making it) your very next BTS video is there for all the world to see. We have been shooting the first Love & Luck campaign which has gone very very well (shots coming next week) and as you do... L&L have shot this BTS Video entirely on their iPhone. Yep its a brave new world where all your little tricks of the trade will be revealed. I even go Strobist on this one, ha! So check the video out, check the action over our three shoots and, you can check out more L&L on their new blog Here.

L&L will have there spanking new website up next week too so I will be posting shots from the ranges along with the link so don't forget to pop back then.

And of course, thanks to everyone involved, what a great team!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Fashion Editorial Collabo w/- Shine By Three

Shine By Three, Fashion Editorial, White Jacket

Shine By Three, Fashion Editorial, Jumping Shot, Shoulder Fringing

Shine By Three, Fashion Editorial, Print Dress

Shine By Three, Fashion Editorial, Fringe Dress

Shine By Three, Fashion Editorial, Fabric Platt

Shine By Three, Fashion Editorial, American Indian Look

Styling by Margaret Zhang.
Hair & MU by Maria Bravo
Model, Zoe S from Viviens

Margaret is running the Black and White version of the shoot over on her Shine By Three blog and has all the fashion details there too. And of course you can see Margaret & Katie's BTS video linked in on my previous post.

Thanks to everyone for working so well and putting together a great shoot.