Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Head On 2011 Portrait Prize - Eugenia

Well I have always been more than happy to post some of my portraits here on my fashion page, after all why not, who doesn't enjoy a lovely portrait! And I am happy to announce that my editorial style portrait of artist & friend Eugenia has been shortlisted for 2011 Head On portrait show.

Eugenia 'Bone Portrait' Head On 2011

You can see more 'wall'portraits from this series here, Fibro Wall Portraits.

Follow the Head On exhibition here,
Hope to see you all at the opening!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Monica, Fashion & Beauty in Black & White

Shot for a film casting; I can't say anything about the role but I can say Hello Italy! I think we have shots both womanly and strong then some with a beautiful vulnerability. Talk about versatile!

Monica, Beauty Photography and Headshot

Monica, seated in lingerie in the studio

Monica Black & White Portrait in Fur Jacket

Monica, Swimwear, seated in the studio

Monica, Swimwear and bathrobe

Monica, Lingeries photographed into the Mirror, after Newton Et Al

Moody daylight studio headshot

Hair and Make-Up by Kaori. Shot in the Balmain studio, Sydney Australia.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Dr Dee & Live & er LIVE!

There is no-need to dread the good doctor... Introducing Dr Dee ppl, this lovely MD/Writer Medico and Shoe Fetishist (well she did bring quite a few pairs) recently shot new PR and website portraits at the Balmain Studio with yours truly.

Dr Dee PR Portrait, Happy!

Dr Dee PR Portrait

You can see more of Dr Dee (and her fab shoes) over on her own website, Thanks Dee for a lovely shoot and a fun afternoon.

Hair and Make-Up by Lisa Sciberras.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Back to the 80's - 2011 Model Portfolio!

Well an Actress modelling in the studio really; well thats what this young beauty told Kaori & I. What a wonderful shoot & there will be more B&W shots following on in a separate post. Those photographs however are quite different from this shot which I absolutely adore. This shoot reminded me of 'back in the day' in more ways than one. We used to smoke in the studio back then for a starter though those days and the smoking are now over-&-done; I do sometimes miss those heady times! And our model reminded me of what its like to have a Woman in the studio. Sure she's young but she was all woman, not that girly look that has been around so much & I think too too long.

80's Retro Studio Modelling Portfolio Shot

I hope you like our shot, it does remind me of some of the class and maturity that came from the creative melting pots of film & photography of previous decades. And of course, if you would like your own photoshoot... Please call!

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