Friday, 8 April 2011

Back to the 80's - 2011 Model Portfolio!

Well an Actress modelling in the studio really; well thats what this young beauty told Kaori & I. What a wonderful shoot & there will be more B&W shots following on in a separate post. Those photographs however are quite different from this shot which I absolutely adore. This shoot reminded me of 'back in the day' in more ways than one. We used to smoke in the studio back then for a starter though those days and the smoking are now over-&-done; I do sometimes miss those heady times! And our model reminded me of what its like to have a Woman in the studio. Sure she's young but she was all woman, not that girly look that has been around so much & I think too too long.

80's Retro Studio Modelling Portfolio Shot

I hope you like our shot, it does remind me of some of the class and maturity that came from the creative melting pots of film & photography of previous decades. And of course, if you would like your own photoshoot... Please call!

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  1. Beautiful picture..I am really diggin the kinda dark moody look she has going on..btw she is gorgeous!

    The Black Label