Wednesday, 14 July 2010

'Vintage Fashion' Styling Blasts From The Past...

I have been thinking a lot about fashion styling lately. Styling; finding garments for your shoot or, even harder? Finding a good stylist for your shoot is paramount for good fashion photography. looking over shots of mine from the late 80s reminds me of the different approaches I took to styling shoots.

For smaller tests, as often as not I would visit one of the designers I knew and borrow a few outfits and 'style' the shoot myself (I know what I like but I am hardly a stylist). Just a few items I though would fit my vision for a handful of shots. If we were on a roll I might get together with a real stylist and put together a shoot that looks more like todays 'Editorial Submission' type of shoot. Of course in the days before the internet (OMG!) about the most you could do with a non-commissioned shoot was put it in your book. And then hope like hell you would land a commissioned editorial with your awesome work!

Of course most of my tests were ah, not awesome at all but you keep on plugging away at it. eventually you start to get it right, eventually you start to land some editorial work. Fashion Editors are also Stylists with very high Fashion IQ. That Fashion IQ is also something of a game changer for a fashion photographer. More garments, the pick of the seasons crop. Ideally you have been chosen to shoot the story as your style matches an idea the editor has for the next issue of their magazine.

Adriane Botanic Gardens

Mona Lisa?

Fashion by Stephen Galloway, Styling by me.

Emily Neilson Park

Styling, designer, Emma.

Mode Swimwear Tear Sheet

Mode Swimwear, Ladder

Mode Swimwear, Blue Polka Dots

Mode magazine, fashion editor Kate Stead.

Wise Guise

Two Brollies

Botany 3 Mode

Mode magazine, fashion editor Kate Stead.

Manly Pool

Polka Dot Bikini Balmoral Beach

Location Test, Styling byNadine Degroen.

Jumping Botany Bay

Botany Reclining

Botany Test, Styling by me.

Naturally every stylist has their own approach to fashion creating their own unique look which is something I am very interested in, working in a team that develops everyones visual range. As I have mentioned before, I am always on the look-out for stylists to work with. If you are looking for a photographer to work with please feel free to drop me a line.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Bring Back Sexy, Studio Fashion.

A little Summer story we shot at The Photo Studio last October. Although I managed to put some shots up on my web site I seem to have forgotten to blog the story as well. Our model was Neada from Platform, H&MU by Kaori, styling by Lucinda Petroeschevsky - Mayer.

Studio Fashion Photography, Boyfriend Jacket

Studio Fashion Photography, Mrs Press Nickers, Blouse

Sheer Bra, Studio Fashion Photography

Body Suit, Gold high Heels, Studio Fashion Photography

Sheer Bra, Shorts and Heels, Studio Fashion Photography

Halter Neck Top, Blue Shorts, Studio Fashion Photography

French Lingerie meets tailored shorts, halter neck tops, body suits and Boyfriend Jacket. We used a mixture of daylight and studio lighting to create a contemporary fashion feeling.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Freeway Wall 8:52

I spotted this reflection of the freeway wall walking through Pyrmont this morning. I reckon there is a fashion shot here for sure... Stay tuned!

Freeway Wall 8:52