Monday, 12 July 2010

Bring Back Sexy, Studio Fashion.

A little Summer story we shot at The Photo Studio last October. Although I managed to put some shots up on my web site I seem to have forgotten to blog the story as well. Our model was Neada from Platform, H&MU by Kaori, styling by Lucinda Petroeschevsky - Mayer.

Studio Fashion Photography, Boyfriend Jacket

Studio Fashion Photography, Mrs Press Nickers, Blouse

Sheer Bra, Studio Fashion Photography

Body Suit, Gold high Heels, Studio Fashion Photography

Sheer Bra, Shorts and Heels, Studio Fashion Photography

Halter Neck Top, Blue Shorts, Studio Fashion Photography

French Lingerie meets tailored shorts, halter neck tops, body suits and Boyfriend Jacket. We used a mixture of daylight and studio lighting to create a contemporary fashion feeling.

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  1. love, love, love her attitude..
    Beautiful photos Kent, (as always)