Thursday, 12 November 2009

Carl Kapp AW10 at Stills Gallery

One of the great things about being a photographer invited to view a fashion launch is that you actually get to see the clothes! Now that might sound like a strange thing to say but often photographers are there with a job to do and that job is quite often photographing the clothes as they come down the runway. Nothing wrong with that! But if you are interested in fashion, shooting runway keeps you way to busy making pictures to allow you to concentrate on whats happening with the clothes themselves. Thats one of the reasons I don't shoot runway. I much prefer to be sitting on the side making notes about what I love about a new range.

trent Parke exhibition, Carl Kapp AW10 Parade and Goodie Bags
The show was at Stills Gallery in Paddington which still has the Trent Parke show up which I had seen at Trent's opening a couple of weeks prior. The work made a great backdrop for the parade and was getting a lot of admiration from the fashion set while waiting for the show to begin.

Carl Kapp Red Coat AW10
I have been planning a night shoot (with very little light) and wondering where I might find outfits with the sort of great structure that could stand out in tricky lighting conditions and still make a statement. Carl's show provided me with plenty of inspiration.

Carl Kapp orange and grey tunic top with jeans AW10
So in line with my contradictory nature (about photographing at shows) I pulled out my little G10 point-and-shoot and did a little 'shooting from the hip' to make some visual notes on Carl's designs.

Carl Kapp Orange coat with rolled collar detail AW10
Rolled collar on orange coat, wide black belt and 'strong' pockets. Pierre Winter necklace.

Carl Kapp, short red coat with pocket detail, two tone belt worn with tailored jeans. AW10
Short(ish) red coat with layered pocket detail, wide lapels and two tone belt worn with tailored jeans.

Carl Kapp slinky back dress with leather trim AW10
Slinky black evening dress with leather trim.

Carl Kapp Grey tailored skirt and jacket with white blouse and narrow black tie loosely worn. Very Helmut Newton! AW10
Grey (fine herringbone weave?) tailored skirt and jacket with white blouse and narrow black tie loosely worn. Very Helmut Newton!

Unfortunatly I didn't get shots of everything I liked. I missed getting a shot of the 'Biker Girl' inspired outfit; leather blouson jacket with tailored jeans, (but with more layers than the jeans worn with the red jacket above). The detail of the pockets was inspired across the range.

Thanks to Carl, Weihan, and everyone for putting on a great launch.

Carl Kapp

Stills Gallery

The full show at Tito Media

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  1. Ok, Ok, it's high time I actually left a comment so I will make up for it now. I like the first on before the show, great composition, if you turned it upside down it could be a piece of abstract art. I'm not much of a fashion fan, but nice work Kent. After shooting some early masterpieces for You Am I and drifting into obscurity, it's good to see you back doing what you love...