Thursday, 8 December 2011

CHANEL Paris-Bombay 2011-12 - Video & Stills - Stills for the details!

This morning when I jumped on Facebook I saw one of my 'friends' had posted a link to the Karl Lagerfeld interview about the 2011-12 Paris-Bombay collection. I love hearing Karl speak as he is so intelligent clear and concise about what maters, what inspires. But of course after listening to the brief interview (posted below) I wanted to see the collection. First stop was the easily accessible video footage that came up at the end of the video. I jumped right in and started watching it but. It had not gotten very far before I started to be annoyed that the pictures were often soft, full length had poor detail, the camera was jumping here-and-there trying to get it all in. I could see it was a fashion show but the video wasn't really nailing the fashion; I really wanted to see that fashion, feel the fashion!

So I had a hunt around for still photographs that I knew must be online somewhere and found them on YAHOO News. What a difference! The colour balance was correct for a start no-sepia-tint... I could see the quality and nature of the textures and fabrics; what the models looked like; the colours of the garments and individual pieces especially the accessories which Karl discusses in the interview.

I know some of you will prefer the video and it is certainly complimentary to the stills. But it gives me reason to wonder again at the all consuming desire to video everything! (At least we are spared a steady cam operator running up and down the runway as there was at the event I attended on Monday evening, he certainly got more exposure on the catwalk than anyone else)!

Leave a comment if you like; I am curious and perplexed about the whole video thing (though not when done well). And enjoy the Paris Bombay show.

View some of the show Here as Stills

And this is really where I came in this morning; listening to Karl discuss the concept of the Paris-Bombay Collection.

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