Monday, 19 May 2014

Magic Happens - Digital Fashion Photography Collage, Studio + Location.

I think magic happens on my photo shoots all the time, in the studio, on location, that special communication, that special moment, that special picture; the magic does happen! But sometimes you need some special magic that does not happen in-camera, sometimes life and photography call for a little digital manipulation.This image is from a series of editorial images I created that used shots I already had as 'stock' images of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and married them with our models fashion shots made against a white background in the studio. Dark, mysterious and beautiful; everyone calls this my "Blade Runner" and "Manga" fashion picture and its easy to see why.
Digital composite fashion photograph - Model in lingerie standing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night. Photography and digital editing by Kent Johnson.
Can I do this for you too? You bet I can; in my photography universe Magic really does happen.

Digital composite fashion photography.
Photography and digital editing by Kent Johnson.
Model Sammy Raine.
Styling Rhiannon Bulley.
Hair & Make Up Lisa Sciberras.

Kent Johnson
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