Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Gothic Style Fashion and Seances with Designer Handbags.

Some of the first rolls of film I ever exposed were shot in cemeteries. Maybe a bit weird or  creepy I know.. but when you are growing up in Australia and you want something old exotic and different then a hundred years or so old cemetery is going to be one of your best bets for exotic and old!

In this case it was my client who came up with the idea of shooting at this very well known (and photographed) Sydney location as part of their campaign for their Gothic, Skull & Bones and Leather Tasselled designer bags. Time of day was important for the mood we wanted, we went for late afternoon and squeezed off half a dozen bag shots with our two experienced models; only changing the bags not the outfits of our Dark-Gothic Lace-Masked and Veiled beauties. I like to think its got a bit of that irreverent Helmut Newton style - something out of the ordinary!

Gothic Fashion Style and Seances with Designer Handbags - Model Rochelle Fox - Photographer Kent Johnson.

Model Rochelle Fox  
H&MU Emily Hayward

Kent Johnson
0433 796 863

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