Tuesday, 11 March 2014

In the studio - Evan - Male Model Portfolio Shoot.

I love shooting male model portfolio's. The principle is the same for men's shoots as it is for women's. To get the best pictures of the model possible; not just good shots, great shots; that principal is always the same. And can I assume I am doing something right when one male model recommends to his brother to have me shoot his portfolio for him? I think the answer is a plain and simple yes. Thanks Cole for the recommendation.
So here's my shoot with Evan, I worked through classic studio black background and white, and then decorated the set with the Hessian fabric and some grey paper for some eye catching commercial body shots. We did sport and shadow boxed; we went smooth corporate suit with good positive attitude and pulled a great headshot along the way. We got the shirt off, put the vest on for some cool body shots and finished up with a smart casual look in a pin striped shirt grey pants and driving cap.

Body shot in the studio, men's fashion, suit vest and pants, studio as location. Male Modelling Portfolio - Photographed by Kent Johnson.

Casual character studio shot full length, men's fashion photography - Evan in a grey suit laughing - Photographed by Kent Johnson.

Male Modelling Portfolio, Evan, six variations on a body shot wearing a suit vest. Photographed by Kent Johnson.

Headshot, suit jacket white shirt and black tie, unshaven - Evan, Male Modelling Portfolio photographed by Kent Johnson.

Male Modelling Portfolio, Agency Approved Photographer, men's fashion - Shadow Boxing Photographed by Kent Johnson.

Shirt off, mid shot, Male Modelling Portfolio. Photographed by Kent Johnson.

Male model portfolio shoot - Evan Shadow Boxing in leather jacket and driving cap. Black and white photograph on black background, photographed by Kent Johnson.

Fashion modelling, Menswear - pinstripe business shirt and grey pants - Male Modelling Portfolio - Photographed by Kent Johnson.

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Photography - Kent Johnson
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