Monday, 21 January 2013

Lightbox Fashion Flat Lay for Harlette Lingerie with the X-Pro1

Just four shots here of some beautiful lingerie house coats photographed for the Harlette Lingerie label.  The garments are now being shown in Paris at the 50th Salon De La Lingerie. These four housecoats were the largest pieces I photographed on the day and were a tight squeeze to fit on the second large STROBE Swimming Pool head that was set up as the lightbox. This was the first time I have photographed fashion in this manner and both myself and my client are very happy with the results.

Although I have done flat lay before (and a little light table work) there is no doubt in my mind that this was the best possible lighting option for these fabrics and the SWAROVSKI Elements and feather details. As the saying goes STROBE light gives you an extra camera format (think 35mm suddenly being = to 6x6) and as in my previous write up about using the X-Pro1 the X-Trans sensor was a great match for the STROBE. Part of the uniqueness of the STROBE lights is that the flash tubes are very long, over four feet and there are five in each Swimming Pool creating a very strong and even of a 'wall' of light. Here are the results..

Enchantress Electra feather collar housecoat in sheer black by Harlette launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013 made with SWAROVSKI elements
Huntress Savannah feather collar and cuff by Harlette Launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013
Crystal Palace by Harlette Couture with vintage beaded straps Launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013
Crème Contessa with feather collar and SWAROVSKI elements cuffs launched Paris Lingerie Show Jan 2013

The STROBE lighting set-up with two swiming pool light heads for shooting Fashion Flat lay
The STROBE City 500 lighting rig swimming pool and power console.
Harlette Lingerie, photographed with the Fujifilm X-Pro1, XF35mmF1.4 R and the STROBE City 5000.

I am looking forward to producing more Fashion work with this set up, my mind is already overflowing with ideas and variations to work with..

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  1. Blimey never seen a swimming pool with just 1 x5000 pack they used to be on a base that had 4 strobe packs on!!!!!
    Bloody reliable only blew up once at Aylesbury Studios

  2. Hi Stag, the 5000 has 5 capacitor packs in its base, it's huge and heavy and has plenty of power! Thanks for your comment, cheers, Kent.