Sunday, 23 September 2012

Modelling Portfolio - Monique in the Studio - Vintage Fashion + Sporty Style

Great teamwork makes for great pictures; we made these shots for Monique's modelling portfolio in a single half day shoot. Kaori worked her hair and make-up magic on the various looks from sports lifestyle to high fashion and, one of my favourites; Monique in the white Tee Shirt (classic model look) vibing the iconic Brigitte Bardot! We carried that feel through too; to the white knit dress high fashion shots - Monique, her Mum, myself & Kaori all having a fab fun time.

Headshot with blue Lonsdale stretch singlet top.

Modelling portfolio mid shot against black background in the studio

Verso, modelling comp card, four shots from Monique's portfolio shoot.

Classic studio fashion style with vintage Hollywood feel, black dress - studio as location..

Vintage Brigitte Bardot look, Black and White lifestyle shot, modelling portfolio Sydney Australia.

Sexy sportswear mid shot, for modelling portfolio, studio shot.

High Key full length fashion portfolio shot; Brigitte Bardot inspired studio as location.

Sportswear shot 'Jumping' Lonsdale London Singlet and black denim shorts and lace up boots.

Black dress and jacket, modelling portfolio - in the studio..

High Fashion, editorial style shot for fashion model, modelling portfolio in the studio...

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Kent Johnson - Photographer
Sydney, Australia.

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