Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Dreams of Modelling Do Come True

Many young people dream of being a model. The excitement and thrill of fashion, all those clothes, of photoshoots, special places and meeting new people. I does seem very glamorous and it really can be. Of course like many things, the reality is possibly, not always quite what one expects. I can however say that nearly every portfolio photoshoot I have done, and certainly those in recent years; that everyone enjoys themselves. The relaxed atmosphere, the fun of dressing up, the location and the theatre of a photoshoot. Even if you turn up worrying about what it will be like, how to pose.. You need not worry! Before you know it you will be modelling just like you always knew you could.  Yes I'm there helping out by giving you directions but I work with you, your personality, your mood, the you I see there in front of my camera and I get on with  capturing those wonderful moments.
Teen modelling portfolio on location, seated pose, white dress, panama hat and boots. Photography by Kent Johnson
Natalie's photoshoot was just like that. Exciting, but pretty laid back. Just Natalie's mum, and myself, on location; well and the other people enjoying the beautiful park. (if you are very nervous.. I recommend a studio photoshoot). Nat's an early teen so we dispensed with a make-up artist and went with the true beauty of youth. Yes you are beautiful! Well mum did apply a little lip balm. That was it, a brush and a comb. A pretty white dress, some active wear, a blue dress, a blue one piece swim-club style swimsuit and a pink cap. Oh, and a hat to go with those boots, I do love that shot! I help with the styling form the clothes you bring along, and we normally have a talk about outfits by phone a couple of days beforehand to be sure we are ready on the day. Well I love all these pictures and Natalie and her Mum did too. Once you have the edited pictures – which I send you in two sizes, print size + email/web sharing size that you can send to modelling agency  of your dreams. And dreams do come true. It starts with a simple modelling portfolio shoot like Natalie’s here. If you like what you see, just contact me to organise your very own photoshoot. More details here 
Natural portrait for teen model portfolio, red hair, denim jacket - Photography by Kent Johnson
Stretched out on the green grass - Modelling portfolio Sydney - Photography by Kent Johnson
Portrait in dappled light, white confirmation dress - Photography by Kent JohnsonWalking on the beach, activewear portfolio shot. Photography by Kent JohnsonBlack and white mid shot portrait for modelling portfolio, Sydney location. Photography by Kent Johnson
Mid portrait for modelling portfolio, Sydney location. Photography by Kent Johnson
Androgynous seated portrait Sydney location, Modelling Portfolio -  Photography by Kent Johnson
Black and white modelling portfolio head shot at the beach for a teen model - Photography by Kent Johnson

Portfolio shoots also make for great portrait shoot and lasting memories, young people change so fast, it's important to take the time out to make the pictures that save the memories forever.

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