Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rachael; Teen Modelling Portfolio

I am always happy to take a call from a mum or model or for that matter anyone who is wondering how to go about organising their first modelling portfolio or photo shoot. On this occasion it was Rachael's mum Wendy who had a few questions about how it works and what the cost of my various modelling portfolio packages were; studio location and availability.
That's how it usually begins, (some research on the part of a parent or model) then a phone call and a conversation; and quite often I am pleased to say a booking. We did this shoot last month, Rachael and Wendy brought plenty of outfits and shoes for us to style the shoot with; we shot 3-4 looks and headshots along the way. Kaori did a wonderful job with the hair and make-up adding to the different look and feel of the pictures we needed for a successful folio shoot.

How did we go? Well we all think it went pretty well and you can see the results below which I believe are just right and age 
appropriate for a mid teen portfolio shoot.

Rachael and Wendy seem to feel the same way as you can read in this lovely testimonial.
Thanks so very much for the photos, we think they are amazing!!!  We were waiting to see which ones you thought were the best, because we honestly didn't have a clue which ones to choose.  Way too hard.
Rachael had a wonderful time at the shoot and we just want to say a huge "thank you" to you both for the time and effort taken on the day, we could not have been happier.  It was a wonderful experience for her, one I'm sure she will never forget".

Rachael, Modelling Portfolio, Edgy Studio Headshot Rachael, Modelling Portfolio, Black ripped jeans 7 cap mid shot Rachael, Modelling Portfolio, Action jumping shot, pink on white Rachael, Modelling Portfolio, full length shot on black Rachael, Modelling Portfolio, Studio Headshot Rachael, Modelling Portfolio, Long legs on ladder on black background

I have more recent portfolio shoots coming soon keep coming back to the blog; or call me to book your shoot too!

Photographer, Kent Johnson
Hair & Make-Up, Kaori
Photographed at Elephant Studio

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