Friday, 17 February 2012

Harlette Lingerie, Luxury UK Classics Shot in Sydney

While in Sydney last year UK based luxury brand Harlette lingerie approached me about shooting three of their new ranges. We had a few discussions about what model they would like to use and then I remembered Miss Universe 2012 contestant Carly Everett, who in my opinion looks more than a little like Sydney's favourite model Jennifer Hawkins! She is now also signed with  Platform Models which I hear is the same agency 'our Jen' started her modelling career with.

We decided to shoot at the lovely white on white Elephant Studio in Rosebery. But Carly was not the only model on set! She had to work very hard to outshine two lovely poodles in several shots; not as easy as you may think with those lovely pooches working hard for the camera's attention too.. The lovely Kaori did a fabulous job with the hair and make-up as always and here are the results. I hope you enjoy the shots. And of course I am looking forward to photographing more high fashion lingerie in the future.

Harlette Lingerie, Double Trouble Kimono
Harlette Lingerie, Rose Silk
Harlette Lingerie
Harlette Lingerie, Paris Perfection
Harlette Lingerie, Paris Perfection, Fan
Harlette Lingerie, Marianne
Harlette Lingerie,  Rose Silk with Coat and poodles
Harlette Lingerie, Opera Nights
Harlette Lingerie,  silk & metallic kimono,

Client, Harlette,
Model Carly Everett at Platform
H&MU Kaori Harigae,
Elephant Studio,

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