Friday, 10 December 2010

Love & Luck - Behind the Scenes...

OMG! Well you know the world as you know it has changed forever when just a couple of weeks after your first BTS video appears, (and you didn't notice they were making it) your very next BTS video is there for all the world to see. We have been shooting the first Love & Luck campaign which has gone very very well (shots coming next week) and as you do... L&L have shot this BTS Video entirely on their iPhone. Yep its a brave new world where all your little tricks of the trade will be revealed. I even go Strobist on this one, ha! So check the video out, check the action over our three shoots and, you can check out more L&L on their new blog Here.

L&L will have there spanking new website up next week too so I will be posting shots from the ranges along with the link so don't forget to pop back then.

And of course, thanks to everyone involved, what a great team!


  1. Great BTS video...really cool..would love to see the whole spread


  2. Is it bad to say that I have seen some of the 'desert journey' shots and they are just divine????

    ...I actually work across the floorspace from Love and Luck... had found their blog because of this post and I told M L today how much I loved it! He showed me the pics today.

    Kent those images are DIVINE.