Monday, 29 June 2015

Personal Work - Urban landscape Brisbane (& a shopping trolley too..)

When I came back to photography after what I only half jokingly refer to as my ten year(ish) sabbatical from photography, I began by photographing the urban landscape. It was urban landscape photographs arranged as diptych and triptych images that were the subject of my first solo photography exhibition Three Roads Night.
Urban landscape, Ambulance Bay - Shopping Centre - Brisbane. Personal photography work by Kent Johnson.
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Then a moody urban landscape diptych of single power poles was selected for inclusion in the prestigious Blake Prize in 2004; something I had dreamed of but never thought could happen! When I set up my Flickr account, (Flickr was the first true photo-sharing web 2.0 social networking platform; My Space was more for musicians & school kids..) it was to showcase my urban landscape style of images. And it was on Flickr that I also had my first experience of alienating my audience when I made a return to fashion and started showing fashion images as well as the urban landscapes and abstract imagery; the change (return?) didn't go down well with everyone. Now I think that not only has Flickr changed, a lot.. the people who do follow me over there are well aware of my photographic proclivities which extend to people and clothing as well as inanimate objects and the urban landscape. I enjoy all the forms of photography I work in and they cross over and inform one another, though not always in an explicit way. This shot was made last week at a shopping centre in Brisbane, on the way to my sisters.. When opportunity knocks, grab it with both hands.

Shot with my Fujifilm X-Pro1.

Kent Johnson,
Sydney, Australia.

0433 796 863

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