Monday, 11 October 2010

Portraits and Fashion Photography Sydney!

I have just spent most of today making a few changes and upgrades to my web site. The first was to put all the portraits I have been taking against the fibro wall into the portrait section of the site all on their own page. So now with these shots of Paul I have 10 portraits in the wall series Here.

Paul, Open Shade Portrait 1

Paul, Open Shade Portrait 2

Its great to have somewhere very close at hand that allows me to make a series of portraits like these; many more yet to come.

I also managed to get up a page of the New Beauty Photography shot at the studio in Balmain.
Beauty Photography, Sydney Australia, Studio Beauty, Sophie

And although its been blogged in full here, In The night A Lonely Hunter can now be seen as a horizontal scrolling story. I think the left to right format almost always looks better.

Fashion Photography Sydney, Night Editorial Location Fashion Photography

Click the links to view the new pages. Cheers, Kent.

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