Monday, 15 February 2010

Fashion Catalogue on Location, Annandale Sydney.

Whenever I do a shoot I like to make my own selection of shots and 'do my own' post processing on the shots. Yes its time consuming but it is rewarding as its nice to see the story as you feel it looks at its best (for the photographer). I have gone just a little crazy here by nudging the RGB layers of the pictures giving a slight 3D appearance to the shots, those strange coloured lines along the edges! The client went with a more straight forward version of the shoot.

Here's my take on our day of shooting in a Grand Annandale homes grounds.

Fasinator Fashion Portrait, Fashion Catalogue

Black Dress, Film Noir, Fashion Catalogue

Purple Dress & Hat, Fashion Catalogue

Purple Dress in Backyard, Fashion Catalogue

White top, black slacks, seated at a fish pond, Fashion Catalogue

Portrait with netted hat, Fashion Catalogue

Model, Natalie
H&MU by Kaori
Shot on Location, Annandale Sydney

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