Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Launching the Kent Johnson - Fine Art Photography Website!

I know my partner likes my photography and she does have a pretty good eye. But then she doesn’t normally look at my shots and say something like "that's a really great picture, we should print it and hang it on the wall", though lately I have been hearing that sentiment quite a bit. Now praise from our family and friends should be usually be taken with care - it's a classic isn't it, of course your Mum loves your work! But then 2016 saw me as a finalist in Australian Life and as a semi finalist in The Moran Prize photography competitions. Now that’s peer review at a very high level; and then a college friend from way back saw one of my abstracts on Facebook and wondered if she could buy the picture. Yes you can; insert smiley face. OK something good is going on here.

Screen shot of the website Kent Johnson - Fine Art Photography.

So these NEW pictures I am talking about are actually somewhat different to the pictures you are used to seeing here on the blog or on the website. Though if you have even taken a look through my Flickr.. then you would probably know about the style of shots I am now featuring on Kent Johnson - Fine Art Photography. I have chosen five broad subjects, Abstract, Nature, Landscape, Black & White, Cityscape and People. The pictures are beautiful, interesting, bold, entertaining and should enhance any environment, business, home, you name it. I am planing on adding three new works a week, they will be themed and I will do a brief write up here on what its all about, then you can jump across to the site and check them out.
Screen shot of the website Kent Johnson - Spiny Sea Urchin on Yellow Rock.- Fine Art Photography.

I have launched the site with just nine images, six of which have never been presented before. The first three, (bottom of page) are Road/Travel/Abstract – Blue Red Yellow. The next set are graphic gritty and grainy black and white details of Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge, more abstract energy. The current top row as of writing are nature at the beach, the blue thread of a single blue bottles tentacle curls across the sand, a study in texture and line. The next a spiny sea urchin on a tidal yellow rock shelf, natures beauty and simplicity and a little geometry too.. and Finally, a marooned blue bottle, its striking colours and form looking very much like the alien it is when washed up on the sand.
Screen shot of the website Kent Johnson - Fast Food From the Freeway - Brisbane 2016 - Fine Art Photography.
Please drop by the new site and take a look, use the social media buttons to share any images you like, and let me know what you think in the comments or drop me a line. The pictures are all for sale as limited editions, if you see one you would like to buy just let me know. I am not doing a 'checkout', I don't really like them, just send me an email, we will communicate, it's not just as good, its even better! I look forward the great things with this new and beautiful photography.

Kent Johnson,
Sydney, Australia.
0433 796 863

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