Thursday, 29 December 2016

Fine Art Photography - Succulents in Black & White.

I think most photographers have an idea about what they define as 'classic' photography, be it still life, portraiture, landscape or nature photography. And sooner or later that photographer is going get their equipment together and take a serious look at that chosen subject, to test themselves against the masters as it were. So here I am, natural light, nature, my camera and tripod and a vision for what I think photographs of succulents should look like, should be.. My initial efforts, not the pictures on show! Were not as successful as I would have liked. The subject of 'form' and the subjects form turned out to be more elusive than expected and did not agree with my vision; meaning I needed to work much harder to define what my vision should be. What does a perfect picture of a succulent look like after all? Should it appear new and pristine or show the ravages of time? Persistence, perseverance, good fortune, the vision becomes clearer and eventually successful images are created. For the first three images selected below; I have brought the camera lens in close to reveal details, line, form, texture and perhaps, a little danger.. the plants defensive tools, spines, sharp spikes and serrated edges; and finally time, age, life lived. I do feel these images have the classic photography feeling I was looking for and are the first succulent pictures to be offered for purchase in Fine Art Photographic Print Editions at my new gallery in a range of sizes,  A4 to AO and Custom - Extra Large, here
Spiralling In or Spiralling Out? A4 - A2 - AO & XL size Print Editions available. Black and White Fine Art Photography by Kent Johnson.

The Wizened Mass - Cacti Spikes. Black and White Fine Art Photography by Kent Johnson.

A Serrated Edged Succulent. Black and White Fine Art Photography by Kent Johnson.

 Fine Art Photographic Print Editions for purchase here,

Kent Johnson,
Sydney, Australia.

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