Tuesday, 12 January 2016

What makes a Studio Modelling Portfolio so Exciting!

Just what is it that makes creating a model portfolio in the studio so exciting? Well I am truly glad you ask because I been have thinking about why I enjoy photographing model portfolios so much and why I think the studio is an extra special place to do so. For one thing, many of the model portfolio shoots I do are often the models very first photoshoot. And while yes, that first photography session could just as easily - perhaps - take place on location; the studio adds something of the fun of fashion, the magic of photography and the excitement of a completely new experience. After all, as Australian's we have all been to the beach, the park, walked down some old back lane.. but the studio? Now that really is something special!
Composite of nine modelling portfolio headshots by Kent Johnson, photographed in the studio, Sydney Australia.

It's like a first taste of real life as a model. The huge white room, the big mirror with all the lights where the hair and make-up artist weaves their own magic and uses their expertise bringing the different looks to life (and there are power points too!). The table with pants and shoes and racks covered with the clothing for the shoot. It's all pretty exciting! You won't need to worry if its raining or if the sun is too strong; or, if you are a little shy, then there is not a group of strangers looking on wondering what is going on; as often happens when shooting on location. I like that we have the time and space to work on amazing pictures for you, of you, the best of  you you have ever seen. It's a real privilege to be part of that experience. Are you ready to give it a go ?

Modelling comp card, all shots made in the studio by Kent Johnson Photography, Sydney Australia.
Between Shots with Hannah Patricia from Beauty and the Geek. Studio modelling portfolio shoot by Kent Johnson.
Approved Agency Model - photoshoot, headshot, in the studio, Sydney Australia, by Kent Johnson.
Black and White; Studio swimwear shot of Hannah Patricia from Beauty and the Geek photographed by Kent Johnson.
Daylight and studio flash used to ceate a unique look for a modelling portfolio headshot. Photo by Kent Johnson.
Casual men's style, studio portfolio shoot by Kent Johnson.
Fitess shoot in the studio, black and white headshot. By Kent Johnson Sydney, Australia.

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