Sunday, 5 April 2015

My Behind The Scenes Beauty Video for Glow By Beca.

I love great stills photography, after all I am a stills photographer. I also like classic cinema, well made films, and occasionally I like a behind the scenes (BTS) video. But not often. To be honest I often find them very boring and in many ways seem to undermine the advertising message being made on the shoot via the stills photography. Jealous? I wish! I think a good BTS should help grow the anticipation and excitement around a range, a product, a launch. Not let the cat right out of the bag or steal away the mystery. Because when you want something, it is more than just a product, it's a journey, desire , love, hope!!! Many many things; and certainly not just a group of people standing around taking pictures... So I was very happy to put together this video which is made up of stills from the shoot and footage shot with my old G10 camera which I was able to have around my neck the whole time we were working on the stills. This gave me the ability to shoot brief clips from my point of view without breaking the tempo of our photo shoot or getting in my own way! Hope you like it; Part 2 out now as well..

And BTS with Watson x Watson at fashion Week Sydney.

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