Sunday, 25 April 2010

Gallivant Jeans Goes Live!

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to shoot the campaign shots for new jeans label Gallivant. I don't get to shoot menswear nearly as often as I would like, which is a shame as it's always a complete blast. We had Mark W from Viviens and he was absolutely fantastic to work with and has an amazing attitude toward his work. Thanks Mark, you rock! And thanks to Gallivant too; was quite a wonderful shoot, thanks guys, you rock too. Grooming by the lovely Lisa Sciberras.   

Gallivant Black and White Branding Shot

Gallivant Jeans colour studio advertising shoot

Gallivant Mark W Headshot

Gallivant Black Mens Jeans, Fashion Photography

Gallivant Stressed Denim Fashion Shoot

Gallivant Jeans, Mark, Skater Boy Shot

Mark W for Gallivant Jeans, Black and White Location Fashion Shoot

Gallivant Jeans

Viviens Models

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